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Create Invoice in QuickBooks Online [Step-by-Step Instructions]


Create Invoice in QuickBooks Online [Step-by-Step Instructions]

create invoice QuickBooks online

If you want to learn how you can use QuickBooks Online to create the invoice, then you need to know that before creating the invoice you should have all the necessary information. You can follow this blog to understand how you can create and then send the invoice. If at any point you find any difficulty then just call QuickBooks helpline number to get the assistance of the professionals.

Steps to Create and Send an Invoice in QuickBooks Online

Creating an invoice becomes lot easier as you just have to follow the below-mentioned points, and once you have created it, you can send the invoice:

  • You first need to open the QuickBooks Online.
  • Then select the option of + New >then Invoice.
  • You need to choose the customer from the drop-down list of the Customer.
  • You need to enter the email address, billing address of the customer.
  • Check all the information of the particular customer and see whether they are correct or not.
  • You need to review the Invoice date and don’t forget to select the due date from the down-down list of the Terms.
  • You can add a new product or service in the invoice from the Product/Service column.
  • If you have location and shipping enabled then add the details of location, shipping date, tracking number and shipping address.
  • You can also enter the quantity, rate and change amount.
  • Moreover, you can even select the option of Tax.
  • Then you can choose the options of Save and send the invoice. If you don’t want to send the invoice now, then you can select Save and close option.

If at any point you find it challenging to create the invoice for yourself or for your client you can reach out to QuickBooks technical support number for the help. The customer care team will make sure that your problem is resolved so that you can continue with your work.