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Fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds not Working Error [A Complete Guide]


How to Fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds not Working?

QuickBooks Bank Feeds not Working

QuickBooks allows users to integrate the software with their financial institution. Incorporating the same helps to make payments. You can securely connect your bank and credit card account to QuickBooks through Bank Feed. Through this feature, the software feeds the transactions done by the users in the bank automatically. It also helps you to keep a track record of the transactions and match them as per your database. You might have noticed that sometimes the QuickBooks Bank Feed feature stops working. It can encounter different errors and hampers daily transactions and can also misplace the records. To solve this error manually, you can read this blog. However, if you require any expert opinion, then the technical software professionals are available at QuickBooks support number.

Primary reasons behind the Bank Feed Error

When it comes to the malfunctioning of QuickBooks Bank Feed Feature, a user can associate the snag with a few typical reasons. These include

  • When the QuickBooks software and financial institution are not synced together
  • QuickBooks fails to support a particular bank
  • You are trying to import a transaction, which is older than 90 days

What are the measures to take for solving the Bank feed issue?

As per this issue, there cannot be a combined solution. There are different scenarios that need to be taken care of by users. Look at them one by one and solve the same.

Case 1- When the financial institution is not connected to QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks software. Login with the admin credentials
  • From the dashboard, select ‘Banking.’
  • Click on the account in which the error is indicating
  • Move to ‘Bank and Credit Cards’ category
  • Select to update the same

Case 2- When you have changed the password

  • Login to QuickBooks Software and click on Banking Centre
  • Click on the pencil icon near the account tile
  • Choose ‘Edit sign-in info.’
  • You can now update your user ID and password in the window that appears

Case 3- When the Bank Feed connection has become corrupt

  • Click on Banking Centre in QuickBooks Home Menu
  • Move to Account Title and then click on ‘Edit Account Info.’
  • Choose ‘Disconnect this account on Save.’
  • Close the application.
  • Move back to the home page. Select Banking center and proceed to connect the account to the bank again.

Availing QuickBooks technical support

If the above cases fail to resolve your error, then you must get in touch with the professional executives at QuickBooks customer support number. They are available throughout the year and can be reached via a toll-free number or through live chat support.